Language consultancy

Language & Content for Business

Language and content editing of your website, including SEO analysis in a foreign language, thanks to which you will make yourself known to foreign partners in the right way.

Information on your company and its activities is accessible to the world through the Internet. This is a great opportunity for you to get in touch with new customers and business partners. Having a great website only in Czech, Swedish, Italian and other less common languages is not enough. A high quality translation of web pages together with the adaptation of their content into a foreign language in accordance with the customs of particular country is the right solution.

I offer you a very effective Language & Content for Business (LCB) solution:

What is Language & Content for Business?

  • Language & Content for Business (LCB) or language and content editing of web pages is a highly effective and economical way how to convert essential data from your website in your local language into the required foreign language
  • I am ready to advise you on what information from your website is REALLY IMPORTANT for foreign partners

What does the editing look like?

The web editing procedure consists of several parts. Let’s check them out:

  • Review of your current web site
  • Highlighting of data essential for your business
  • Selection and formulation of data that should definitely not be missing
  • Data transfer including SEO analysis into the given language

Is there a difference between LCB and website translation into a foreign language?

Yes it is! A simple translation of web pages does not offer an evaluation of what is important to the foreign partner and what is not. A large amount of just translated information on your company is often unnecessary for making contacts with foreign countries and even expensive for you.

For whom is LCB designated?

  • Local manufacturing companies
  • Distributors
  • Shops
  • Individuals

Why should our company have LCB when it only acts on the domestic market?

  • Because many foreign companies are looking for distributors for their products in your country and are selecting partners just according to the information on your site
  • Because in the future you will be willing to expand and it is good to be prepared for it already now

In what languages can Language & Content for Business be implemented:

  • English – is the most used. A number of foreigners use it when searching on the Internet, even though it is not their mother tongue
  • German – German is the second most used and very popular language in Europe
  • Italian – is a great asset, especially if you are focusing on business activities in Italy
  • Other languages can be provided in cooperation with my colleagues-translators.
  • Proofreading from a native speaker is a matter of course

 How much does LCB cost?

The LCB price is related to the character and scope of the language & content edits of the site. It will be my pleasure to send you an offer on request.

You are interested. How to proceed?

Please contact me:

  • through present contact form
  • by phone
  • by e-mail

What dou you do in your spare time? What kind of hobbies do you have? My favourite pastime are languages. In our family German has always been traditionally number one, that´s why this language has been accompanying me since my school years. I began to learn Italian because of the popular crime series “The Octopus”. And already my first vacation in Scandinavia was so impressive for me that I started to learn Swedish. I have always been attracted to ways that no one has ever taken before me. Therefore, during my studies, I was the only student of combination Italian +Swedish  at the Faculty of Philosophy, at the Charles University. Three years ago I started studying Hebrew, the most difficult and amazing language I have ever met.

I like a lot discovering opportunities that nobody else is looking for. My main intention is to have innovative ideas and implement them.

I can show you the world of foreign languages. Will you join me?