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Language Courses for individuals and groups

Pamper experts in your company and give them the opportunity to learn foreign languages effectively. It’s a great investment for them and your company!

  • Do you know how to learn a foreign language effectively? What is important and what is not? At what time is it good to learn new words? How often?
  • The language teacher is like your personal trainer, he/she is interested in your achieved results together with your knowledge and whether your “training” is properly set up
  • Language learning  is a drill. Choose a “trainer” who will really take care of you in order to achieve together your goals

My offer of individual lessons has its own specifics and know-how, both of which I would like to convey to you:

  • Teaching will fully adapt to your current knowledge and needs. I offer you an initial free of charge consulting where we will discuss together:
  • Goals you want to achieve
  • Your initial knowledge
  • Your availibility
  • Best learning method for you

The only language learning method is your ability and diligence. Where there is a will, there is a way. Just go in the right direction!

 The one who wants to find employment or live a more interesting and richer life, should speak at least one or two foreign languages besides computer skills.Jiří Elman -translator, linguist, scientist, he spoke actively 13 languages, translated form 10 of them

What dou you do in your spare time? What kind of hobbies do you have? My favourite pastime are languages. In our family German has always been traditionally number one, that´s why this language has been accompanying me since my school years. I began to learn Italian because of the popular crime series “The Octopus”. And already my first vacation in Scandinavia was so impressive for me that I started to learn Swedish. I have always been attracted to ways that no one has ever taken before me. Therefore, during my studies, I was the only student of combination Italian +Swedish  at the Faculty of Philosophy, at the Charles University. Three years ago I started studying Hebrew, the most difficult and amazing language I have ever met.

I like a lot discovering opportunities that nobody else is looking for. My main intention is to have innovative ideas and implement them.

I can show you the world of foreign languages. Will you join me?