Translations and interpreting


Czech is a West Slavic language, spoken by more than 10 million people and it is the official language of the Czech Republic. Czech is closely related to Slovak – both languages are easily mutually intelligible.


Is a West German Language, spoken by approx. 100 million people in Europe, and 200 million speakers all over the world. Besides Germany and Austria, German is also spoken in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, the Belgian province of Liège and northern Italy.


Swedish is a North Germanic language, spoken currently by 10.5 million people in Sweden and parts of Finland, where Swedish along with Finnish is the second official language.


Italian is an East Romance language currently spoken by around 70 million people: apart from Italy, Italian is the official language of San Marino, the Swiss cantons Grigioni, Ticino  and in Vatican City.

Feel free to contact me when you need a translation in following areas:

  • Business texts (business correspondence, minutes of meetings, business offers and requests, documents to public and non-public tenders, etc.)
  • Legal texts (contracts, agreements etc.)
  • Technical texts (technical documentation, brochures, catalogues, etc.)
  • Proofreading of Czech, German, Italian and Swedish texts
  • Other (regular texts:  regular correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles)
  • … and much more