Organization of meetings with Czech&Slovak business partners

Organization of meetings with Czech&Slovak business partners

Are you planning to expand or establish cooperation with Czech partners? Would you like to meet new distributors of your products or services? Do you intend to have meetings with Czech&Slovak producers whose goods you would like to offer in your country? Whatever you supply or demand in relation to the Czech Republic, meeting assistance is a step in the right direction. The first impression is really important and details are decisive! Avail of the ORGANIZATION OF MEETINGS WITH BUSINESS PARTNERS.

Thanks to this service, you can take advantage of my long experience with organizing many successful meetings for foreign partners. You determine who you want to meet and discuss future cooperation with and I will help you with the rest, saving your time and money.

The service called Organization of meetings with business partners includes following activities – it is up to you to use the whole package or just a part of it:

  • Meeting arrangement
  • Useful information on preparation for negotiations
  • Interpreting and assistance during meetings with business partners (Czech, Italian, German, Swedish)
  • Provision of transport, accommodation during business trips and meeting itineraries
  • Follow-up assistance after the meetings

My whole life has been connected to foreign languages since my school years. During my studies, I came across many of them. Apart from English, I focused on my favorite ones: German, Italian and Swedish.

And these three languages have accompanied me in my professional life. I know that simple interpreting or translation when communicating with foreign partners is not enough. That what you need is experience with the mentality of a given nation and benefit from it during every contact  with your business partners.

I have many years of experience as a consultant for an important organization supporting Swedish exports.

A complete organization of programs including business meetings and negotiations was part of my work.

Would you like to organize meetings that are not just a courtesy visit? I have ideas for you how to do it.